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Business, Web, and task automation made simple.



Bots allow us to kill dead times, doing long and tedious tasks in the blink of an eye without need of human assistance



We provide detailed logging to your bots. All information gathered by your bots are kept locally for you to print, share, and convert onto other mediums.



Bots provide the functionality of working with exactly what you input, increasing effectivity and maximising efficiency

Frequently asked questions

Why would I need a bot?

Bots are simply programs which aim at automating or aiding in the completion of a task. The bots we provide are completely tailored to you, your business, or your service and its sole objective is to help you and make your life easier.

What if what I want my bot to do breaks the TOS of a website?

We do not take responsibility in what you, or your bot do. You are completely liable and we reserve the right of declining making your bot.

Do you provide the possibility of a discount? (e.g. Bulk orders or large projects)

Yes! Please contact our priority sales department at

Whats your stance on privacy? Will my bots or my information ever be resold or used?

Never. Our business is built on trust and we strongly believe in privacy. We come from a background which is riddled with corruption and mass surveilance. Because of this the team behind Botzilla has incorporated tools such as encryption and the use of VPNs into their personal lifes as both a political stance and as a weapon against mass surveillance.

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Our Pricing is simple

And fair to everyone.


No multi-Thread support
Supports captcha breaking services
Detailed Logs
Up to 1 update
Up to 3 revisions
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Multi-Thread Support
Supports captcha breaking services
Detailed Logs
Up to 2 updates
Up to 5 revisions
Notifications by email
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Multi-Thread Support
Supports Captcha Breaking Services
Detailed Logs
5+ Updates
10+ revisions
Notifications by text/email
Priority Email and Phone Support
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Sneaker bots

Our sneaker bots will be completely tailored to you. This means that it will be adjusted to your needs and desires and will not disappoint. From special Keep Alive systems to encrypted automatic checkouts, our custom made Sneaker Bots will not disappoint. Some members on our team are also in the world of sneakers and can guarantee that you will be satisfied with your experience of our Sneaker Bots.

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